Monday, February 16, 2015

A Very Long, Cold Winter. We get Cabin Fever.

I am depressed.

The weather is very bad and cold. It is the coldest of all the time I have been alive.

This is the paper and what it says is true.

So mostly I sit in my bed

or lie in Mum and Dad's bed

or sit on the sofa.

Then I look out of the window hoping so see someone I know.

I ask Dad if I can go out, but when I go out

all the snow is grubby

and ugly and icy.

Yesterday Knutty came over and he wasn't very cheerful either. On Valentine's day I saw Charlotte out of the window but we did not go for a walk together. It is going to snow again tomorrow. Mum says -   well, at least it isn't Boston.
I do not know or care about Boston.
I have never been there.

I am not having any great thoughts lately. Nor is my mum.

She made a cookie but she would not let me eat it because of the chocolate eyes.

I did not get to eat the cookie Margaret decorated either.

I hope you are having a better time than me.





Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year and My Resolutions

I hope you had a good new year?
We did not do anything and I stayed home with my mum and dad like I usually do.

This year I am thinking that my resolutions will be:
1. To see my good friends often.
Here is Knutty.

He is with my dad

This is Knutty on our new sofa with his mum's arm.

This is Knutty at his house.

This is Jasper at my house. I let him lie on my bed.

I am on the other bed.

Here is Jasper and me on the same bed.

Here is me relaxing when I got my bed back when Jasper went home. You can see quite a lot of my toys like the lobster I got from Maine and the elephant I got from Alabama for Christmas.

The squeaker in the elephant is still in. This is the longest time I ever had a squeaker that worked. You never know.

These are some of my thoughts, but most of all it is to tell you to invite your friends over .
I hope you are having a good new year.

My second resolution is to try to eat more stuff when I can find it. I will let you know how I get on in case you want to know.



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My 6th Birthday and Christmas as Well

I expect you have been waiting to hear about my birthday which was on the Winter Solstice that is a day that is very short.

Here I am being important on my rock at the park.

Charlotte was there and we played for a bit.

I am waiting for her to stop itching herself.

She itched herself for a long time.

Just by my house we saw Fatty looking at us.

Then I had a little lie-down on Mum and Dad's bed.

Then my good friend Knutty came over.

And we saw them decorate the tree that is not very big this year.

Then we acted crazy - mostly Dad.

Yesterday a parcel came with my name on it.

There was a card too.

It came from Alabama which is not round here.

Here is me with my stuffed elephant that squeaks and my plastic bone.
As you can see, my birthday was good.

 This is holly with berries and rain on it that we saw yesterday.

It is soon going to be Christmas. So I hope you have fun and get a lot of presents.




Thursday, November 27, 2014


I have a lot of things to be thankful for.
Here are some of them:

This is my good friend Knutty who came to play last week. I have known him for a very long time, like five years.

This is Olive who you know

We still like to play.

Here is Elly that is a new friend and Tank who came to the park for the first time today. He is wearing a sweater because he is small still.

This is Homer checking out Tank.

I am thankful that I got some snacks at the park. Milan likes food too.

This is Tank underneath me.  I would try to help him if bad dogs came.

This is Milan and Tank. One is very big and one is very small.

I am thankful I have a friend like Patrick that I can tell things to.

I have put this picture of Fatty in because I'm thankful I haven't seen her much lately. HAHA.

I hope you have a really wonderful THANKSGIVING and get some things to eat.




Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween and Fall in General

I have not written my blog for a long time because there has not been a lot to say.

As you know, it is fall now...

when the leaves fall off the trees and there are pumpkins

and people decorate their houses all spooky

to scare me

They even dress up their lions like pirates

This is me in my Halloween costume.

These are some scary bones in the market that I did not get to eat.

This is my old friend Sid that now has a human baby in his family so I do not see him so often as before.

And these are some dogs at the park yesterday. The brown one is Patrick that you know.

When Mum washed the white quilt and was going to fold it up, I sat on it.

Hope you are having a good time.